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It all started in April, 2020 during the global pandemic. Coffee shops were closed, and the only way to feed my coffee obsession was to make it at home. Homemade coffee was never enjoyable to me -- it was always a little too bitter, too sweet, or made me want to sh*t my pants. A couple weeks into homemade coffee, I finally perfected my coffee recipe and decided to share it with the world aka my finsta account which later turned into @coffeebae97.


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Overheard at Bae Nation


"In this world, we cute everyday. Need some love? You'll get new friends to hype and love you everyday."

"Coffee Bae has helped me come to the conclusion that if it isn't giving me an orgasm or a caffeine boost - I should ghost it."


"Anytime I feel sad bitch energy, I fluff my hair and remember that I have a latte waiting."


"The most aesthetically pleasing content on the internet."


"If you love your coffee strong, and want to participate in a supportive community, Coffee Bae is for you."


"Coffee World is a community for the girls, gays, and theys- we’re all unhinged simps, but at least we look cute and drink cute."


"Bae Nation is free therapy."


"My source of serene and calming energy! I love being part of Bae Nation."


"Beautiful, funny, meme lovers: Bae Nation."


"The funniest, most genuine place to be."


"Bae Nation makes me feel validated."


"Coffee Bae inspired me to be more experimental with my own coffee."