Orange Latte

Orange + Coffee? I feel like we don’t give orange enough credit. Orange goes well with pretty much everything….so why not coffee!! I was a little hesitant about this combination but it’s worth the try. 

1 cup of ice

2 oz espresso or very concentrated coffee

4 oz milk of choice (almond for me)

1 oz orange juice 

Splash of cream (optional)

Honey (optional) 

Orange Cream Foam:

  1. Combine 2 oz milk, a splash of cream, and 1 oz of orange juice to a cup. 
  2. Froth it up until thick foam consistency. 

Orange Latte:

  1. Froth remaining milk until thick foam consistency. 
  2. In a separate cup, pour in ice, espresso, and milk to your cup.
  3. Slightly mix and pour over the orange cream foam.
  4. Garnish it off with a little bit of honey and enjoy! 

The two separate milks will give you a nice layer effect inspired by the creamsicle — if you do not have the patience for that….you can simply just skip the normal milk part and add 4 oz milk to the orange cream foam!

If you enjoy sweeter coffee — I recommend mixing your sweetener of choice in your espresso cup BEFORE pouring it in your drink. 🙂





Orange Latte

  1. !zzy says:

    ms. coffee bae does me opening ur website and stalking it every day help u in some way? I hope so, its a part of my morning routine at this point

  2. Adem says:

    What’s you’re using for frothing? French press?

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